CROCTAILS™ Interview

23 03 2013


CROCTAILS™ wine based cocktails in a convenient pouch with a straw makes a perfect paring

to an event filled day or at the end of a long day!

Creative packaging design and innovated mixology grabs consumers and its thirst quenching  flavors keeps them coming back for more.

It’s all about style, quality and the refreshing flavor in Croctails!

Croctails Ready–To–Drink Cocktails Interview featuring, CORINA VANDEVER, DIRECTOR – SALES AND MARKETING of GOPOUCH BEVERAGES, LLC

Diane Svehlak: What sets Croctails apart from other wine based cocktails in a pouch?

Corina:  Taste and quality ingredients!  Our mixologist Mark Newman, Vice President of Business Development has perfected each flavor of Croctails.  Plus, Croctails contains 9.9% alcohol by volume, almost double the amount than the other brands and our 375ml pouch contains 27% more product than the others. 

Diane Svehlak: What market demographic drinks Croctails?

Corina:  The outgoing females of Generation Y – these Millennials are 21-35 years old.

Diane Svehlak: Always seeking lower calories alternatives in a cocktail. How does Croctails fare under the scale of alternative lower calories cocktails?

Corina:  The calories in Croctails are significantly lower than other brands.  We are weeks from releasing a Skinny Margarita. 

Diane Svehlak: Any surprises you learned along the way?

Corina:  We geared Croctails towards females however, I am surprised that men seem to really enjoy the Golden Margarita and Sweet Tea Lemonade. 

Diane Svehlak: What is your growth strategy for Croctails?

Corina:  With Croctails just hitting the market in November 2012, we are striving for brand awareness as we capture the consumers’ attention in all fifty states in 2013.  Currently, Croctails are in twenty states and we are gaining momentum. Recently, Croctails has caught the attention of food & beverage companies at various sports stadiums which is the perfect venue for an icy cold Croctails.

Diane Svehlak: Wine in cocktails dates back to somewhere in the in the mid-19th century and were very popular in the 60s and the 80s and then they seemed to have more or less disappeared – until now that is. What contributes to the growing market demand?

Corina: Alcohol marketers have discovered that consumers seem to enjoy the ‘pick up and go’ mentality of Croctails. Pouched beverages jump 153% to over $150m in the financial year ending June 23, 2012 according to Nielsen and is only expected to continue to grow. Buy a couple of these pouches for a get-together and instead of having to make a trip to the liquor store, a trip to the grocery store, and dirtying up your blender, you can drink them right in the pouch or rip ‘em open and pour into a glass. 



27 01 2013

CROCKTAILS are THE hottest mixology wine based cocktails in a pouch.

The flexible stand up pouch is economically friendly, comes with a straw and can be served chilled, on the rocks or an icy slush.

Its light – weight and portability is perfect for poolside, beaches, picnics, camping, tailgating, stadiums, concerts, golf courses, BBQ’S, boating, cruise lines, inflight, and trains.

At the end of your day nothing is more refreshing than coming home to an icy cold CROCTAILS… It’s the perfect end of the day EXTRA SNAP!